played by brie larson, credits of florence welsh / florence & the machine, est & threading, code thanks to ~franciska
full name lauren flora parsiol stage name lauren parisol, lauren + the ghouls dob + age october 31st 1986 + 30 occupation musician, part-time actress born + raised born: london, uk, raised: london, uk + boston, ma residence london, england + new york city, ny status alone FAMILY Pierre Parisol (57, father), Alice Parisol (d. 2012, mother)
Beau Parisol (26, brother), Elona Parisol (21, sister)
Marcel Parisol (81, grandfather), Celeste Parisol (79, grandmother)

lungs released july 2009 ceremonial released october 2011 how big, how blue, how beautiful released june 2015

FILMOGRAPHY (2017) Song to Song Florence (2016) Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them Queenie Goldstein (2013) Inside Llewyn Davis Jean Berkley

THEATRE (2014) Skylight Kyra Hollis (2008) The Seagull Nina (2005-6) The Hypochondriac Angelique (2004) Forty Winks Hermia

MISCELLANEOUS Celebrity Juice Guest (5 eps, 2009 - 2016) Never Mind the Buzzcocks Host (1 ep, 2013)

Pierre and Alice's romance began on the stages of Broadway. An up and coming French play writer met a very talented costume designer and found themselves smitten. The smitten romance turned serious after 6 months, when Pierre got down on knee and proposed to his American girlfriend. A few weeks after the proposal, the pair eloped and headed to Europe to begin their new lives together. The Parisol settled down in London, where Pierre began collaborating with the big wigs of stage and theatre. Before Alice could take on the stage and theatre scene, she was pregnant with their first child. On October 31st 1986, the Parisol welcome their first child, Lauren Flora Parisol.

Being exposed to the life of stage and theatre at a young age, there was no doubt that Lauren would follow the family footsteps. She often helped her mother with costumes or running around on stage with her father. She was in awe how worlds can change instantly on stage. At the age of four, Lauren began singing and playing several instruments with her grandfather. By the age of six, Lauren's mother began pushing her to acting and finding her footing on stage. Her parents often argued with one another on when it was the best time to introduced Lauren to that kind of world. Despite Lauren's pleads to enjoy her life and be a kid, her mother often win the battle against her and her father and she started playing extras in various theatre plays.

Lauren went onto being academically driven, wanting to find her play in music rather than stage. She attended King's College London and began writing and playing music at various pubs and bars. She took a break from performing on Broadway and wanted to focus on her musical talents. In 2007, she and close friends came together to form Lauren + the Ghouls. It wasn't hard until the band got some recognition. In 2009, their first album, Lungs, blew up the charts with their hit song, "Dogs Days Are Over". The success was quite frightening for Lauren as she had a hard understanding how things escalated so quickly. After a long bad relationship gave her inspiration for her second album, Ceremonials came out on Lauren's birthday on October 31st 2011.

On May 20th 2012, Lauren's mother died instantly from massive heart attack. Her relationship with her mother had always been a rough one. They had their moments of love and hate, but Lauren had always felt her mother never thought she was good enough. The sudden death caused Lauren to spiral out of control and lead into her a sudden depression. She began abusing alcohol and various drugs to help her ordeal. It wasn't until an situation with her band that pushed her to seek help. At the middle of 2013, Lauren went to rehab for two months to help clean up her act. During her time away from the spotlight, Lauren was able to challenge her pain into her music and her art. She was cast in a Coen Brothers production of Inside Llewyn Davis as Jean Berkley and helped write some of the music, working on the soundtrack with several artists. She also wrote the song "Over Your Love" for the Great Gatsby film.

Her third album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, came out in June 2015 after a few years of re-channeling her music and inspiration. She took a risk and audition for a role for the next Harry Potter series. She ended up getting the role as Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them, which premiered in November 2016. From substance abuse problems to bad relationships and the sudden death of her mother, Lauren found herself through trials and errors. Once Lauren turned 30, she began thinking about the new few chapters in her life. She spent most of early adulthood trying to find herself and re-inventing who she really was. She spent most of her early adulthoods trying to impress others and be someone who she was not. Now that she has a better footing on her life and career, Lauren knows she wants to do better things, greater things in her life. What those things will be is still unknown to her. All she knows is that the world is her oyster and she is going to soak up everything as best as she can.


- Due to her mother's Bostonian roots, Lauren is a fan of all New England teams: New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, and Boston Celtics.

- Her relationship with her mother had always been toxic. Lauren blamed her for making her grow up too quickly and trying to make her some sort of child genius. Despite the love/hate relationship, Lauren went into a deep depression after the sudden death of her mother in 2012.

- She is extremely close with her paternal grandparents in France. She often visit Aix-en-Provence regularly to see her grandparents and help out at their winery and farms. She is very close with her siblings and her father. Her family means the world to her.

- She loves to talk nerdy. Get her started on Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, any cult films - she's your girl.

- Loves horrible reality televisions.

- She's the queen of baked goods. She loves spoiling everyone with desserts on her free time. She is quite surprised no one has become fat from consuming all of her goods.

- Despite loving her musical career, becoming a part of the wizarding world of Harry Potter tops everything for her.

- She had a weird obsession for ginger, british men...Benedict Cumberbatch, hello!